One-Time Pool Cleanups

If you’d just like to get your swimming pool into shape for the season and handle its upkeep on your own for the rest of the year, you need our one-time pool cleanup service. We offer this service to both residential and commercial pools all across the Tucson, Arizona area. To set up your visit, you can just give us a call any time you need algae, dirt, and grime removed from your pool surface. 

When our swimming pool cleaners come by, they will: 

  • Skim debris off the surface 
  • Scrub the pool liner with a brush 
  • Vacuum the bottom 
  • Clean out the skimmers 
  • Backwash the filter 

After that, our team will take a look at the water level and make adjustments as needed. Before heading out, they will test the water, analyze the results, and add pool treatment chemicals if necessary to achieve the desired balance. Once we are done, you will undoubtedly delight in how clean and fresh your pool looks. You’ll then be ready to host a pool party or just go for a solo swim to kick off the season.

Pool Water Balancing and Analysis

To keep the water in your swimming pool clean and sanitary, you need to analyze its chemical makeup and balance it based on the results. You can check the balance of chemicals yourself or have your trusted pool cleaning service Tucson handle it. 

Either way, the analysis process involves looking at the: 

  • pH: A range of 7.4 to 7.6 is ideal as any higher results in scaling and poor chlorine activation 
  • Total Alkalinity: Around 80 to 210 parts per million is best to stabilize the pH 
  • Calcium Hardness: About 180 to 220 parts per million can prevent murky water and scaling 

Depending on your pool type and usage frequency, our pool cleaners Tucson may also look at cyanuric acid and total dissolved solids. 

After analyzing the water, we may need to add chemicals to achieve the right balance. We use our understanding of swimming pool chemistry to figure out which chemicals to add and in which amounts. 

Most pools need the chemical balance test done once a week. However, it largely depends on your water quality, environment, and how often you use the pool. You should also have this process done when opening and closing the pool for the season. 

Salt Cell Cleaning

If you have a saltwater swimming pool, you will need salt cell cleaning services done every month. Also, it’s best to have the cleaning process performed upon opening the pool for the season and right before closing it back up. Depending on the type you have, your salt cell may automatically let you know when it’s time for a cleaning. 

Most can go for about 500 hours before the electrolytic plates inside the cell get covered in calcium scale. Once that happens, the cell will have a hard time generating enough chlorine to keep your pool clean and sanitized. 

With help from our pool cleaning service in Tucson, you can get your salt cell cleaned and refreshed, so it can better balance the chlorine levels. We will inspect the cell for signs of calcium buildup and then flush it out with fresh water and specialized cleaning chemicals. 

After cleaning the cell, our team can adjust the pH and total alkalinity levels in your pool to prevent an imbalance of chemicals from speeding up the buildup of calcium. Through that process, we can keep your salt cell working its hardest every month and help protect your investment. 

Swimming Pool Chlorine Wash

Green or yellow algae in a pool is not only unsightly but quite challenging to remove once it establishes itself on the bottom and sides of your swimming pool. Trying to brush the stains away only seems to smear the mess around and make the problem worse. 

You may then shy away from taking a dip in the pool, and for good reason. The waxy algae buildup feels disgusting to the touch and can harbor bacteria that may cause skin rashes or worse. 

Thankfully, there is a way to get it clean. You just need to have your residential and commercial pool cleaning experts at Preservation Pros perform a chlorine wash. To do that, we will need to fully drain the pool to ensure our concentrated cleaners can do the heavy lifting. After that, we apply the chlorine to the stains and break down the waxy coating that makes algae so hard to clean. 

Once that’s done, your swimming pool will look as good as new, inspiring you to finally take a much-anticipated dip in the water. If you’re ready to get rid of dead algae at the bottom of the pool, give us a call today. 

Swimming Pool Power Washing and Cleaning

Does your swimming pool have unsightly yellow algae, black streaks, or other stains on its surfaces? If so, you may benefit from our swimming pool power washing and cleaning services. We have the professional pool cleaning equipment needed to remove unsightly dirt and grime without causing damage to the underlying surface. 

As with the chlorine wash, we start this process by fully draining the pool to expose the stains to the air. By doing that, we can direct a high-pressure jet of water over the surface to thoroughly remove all the buildup. In no time flat, the bottom and sides of the swimming pool and the pool deck will look as good as new. 

Our process not only makes your pool look its best but also removes bacteria and other contaminants to make it clean and sanitary. You can then go for a swim any time without worry about skin rashes or other issues cropping up. 

When you have your swimming pool cleaned regularly, you’ll only need power washing and cleaning services on rare occasions. If now is one of those times, please contact us soon to schedule a visit. 

Pool Acid Washes

When dead algae at the bottom of the pool turns the surface an unsightly black color, it is time for our cleaning team at Preservation Pros to perform a pool acid wash. In addition to removing algae, this pool cleaning service in Tucson can remove chlorine stains, mineral deposits, and ingrained dirt. 

The acid wash process strips away the outer surface of the plaster where the stains have deeply penetrated. After that, a fresh layer of plaster is revealed without any stains or other marks to be found. 

For that reason, pool acid washes only work on inground swimming pools made from concrete or gunite. The liner needs to have a thick layer of plaster to withstand the power of the acidic cleaner. Most pools can have this cleaning process done every five years without losing much material in the long run. 

Each time, you’ll marvel at how clean the pool looks and how long it seems to retain its clean surface with only basic skimming, brushing, and vacuuming. Since the acid wash neutralizes the algae, the stains are not quick to come back. 

Swimming Pool Chemical Treatments

When your swimming pool chemicals are out of balance, you need to have our swimming pool cleaners in Tucson correct them. By bringing in the professionals, you don’t have to mess with any chemicals. You can rest assured that the treatments are being done safely and without harming your pool. 

After a thorough analysis of the current water makeup, we can adjust the pH and total alkalinity to bring them to the correct levels. The pH should sit between 7.2 and 7.8, while alkalinity is best when it is around 80 to 120 parts per million. 

Beyond that, our team can adjust the: 

  • Chlorine: Cleans and sanitizes the pool to prevent bacterial overgrowth 
  • Oxidizers: Helps clean the pool water when chlorine doesn’t do a good enough job 
  • Cyanuric Acid: Stabilizes the chlorine in the pool so it doesn’t dissipate as fast 

The pool water can stay as clean as possible through the precise adjustment of those chemicals, even with heavy usage. You can then swim with confidence that your swimming pool is free of harmful bacteria and other contaminants. 

Swimming Pool De Filter And Cartridge Cleaning

Whether your swimming pool has a DE filter or cartridge, you can benefit from having it cleaned regularly. The cleaning process removes dirt, debris, and dead bugs to keep the filter element working right. Otherwise, the filter material will become overwhelmed with debris and stop cleaning the water in your pool. 

Our residential and commercial pool cleaning experts will turn off the pump to safely access the filter during the cleaning process. Then, they will pull the filter out of the tank and clean it out using specialized chemicals, equipment, and techniques. Once it’s thoroughly cleaned, they will reinstall the filter and test the system. 

You will need to have your DE filter or cartridge cleaned every two to six weeks, depending on how often you use your pool and other important factors. Our swimming pool cleaners will help you find the perfect filter cleaning schedule for your needs and budget. Then, you can have us put your cleaning services on our schedule alongside the other work you want to have done. 

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