Led Lighting Upgrades

Want to elevate the beauty of your swimming pool and spa while making it a lot safer? Then, let us install all the right LED lighting upgrades around that space. We can replace your old lights along the waterline and decking or install new ones anywhere you wish. 

The bright LEDs can take your swimming experience to the next level, and we ensure you have many excellent options to consider, like: 

  • Flush-mount single color bulbs 
  • Underwater RGB color-changing LEDs 
  • Speaker and LED lights all-in-one 

With a look at your pool space, we will help you find the best lighting arrangement, fixture brands, and bulbs for your needs. Then, we will perform the install from start to finish before confirming that the results match your every expectation. 

You can even count on us to help you learn how to use your new lights, including changing their colors or setting them to turn off and on at a specific time. If you have any problems with the install, we’ll come back and troubleshoot the issue, so you can keep enjoying your swimming pool and spa to the fullest. 

Swimming Pool Sand Changes

If you use a sand filter to keep the water in your swimming pool sparkling clean, you need to perform sand changes regularly. When your swimming pool sand is dirty, it can be filled with algae particles, insects, and bacteria. Over time, those particles make their way back into the water and make it look cloudy at best. 

Through routine swimming pool sand changes, you won’t have to deal with cloudy, filthy-looking water when you go to take a refreshing dip in your pool. Instead, the new sand will effectively filter out the dirt and grime, helping keep the water crystal clear year-round. 

As a certified aquatic equipment installer, we can replace any type of swimming pool sand, including: 

  • Silica sand: Most common variety that’s both effective and affordable 
  • Glass sand: An environmentally friendly alternative to silica 
  • Zeolite sand: A volcanic rock featuring even more surface area for filtering 

Most swimming pools need their sand replaced every five years, but it depends on your water quality, environment, and how often you use your pool. We can help you create a sand change schedule that works best for your pool and budget. 

Heater Installations

A heater can make your swimming experience much more enjoyable. You can set your pool at your ideal temperature to ensure each dip into the water feels fantastic. 

In order to get the perfect experience, you need to have the right heater installed by skilled and knowledgeable swimming pool companies, like Preservation Pros. As a certified aquatic equipment installer, we can help you find the right swimming pool heater size and type and then complete the install to your satisfaction. 

You have many different kinds of heaters to consider for your pool, such as: 

  • Solar 
  • Gas 
  • Heat pump 
  • Electric 

Our team can help you weigh all your options to find the best type and size for your pool surface area. 

After that, we will use all the industry best practices for heater placement and plumbing to keep your system working its best. Once we’re done with the install, you can trust that our team will test the system and verify that it meets your expectations. 

For most pools, the heater installation process takes one to two days, although it could take longer depending on the system. We will let you know what to expect when you call for a price estimate. 

New Swimming Pool Automation Installations

If you want to rest assured that your pool and spa are always ready to go, you need automation equipment on your side – and our team at Preservation Pros can help. We are well-versed in handling new swimming pool automation installations. Our team can even help you learn more about what these devices can do for you. 

Depending on the type of automation devices you choose, the systems may: 

  • Keep your pool and spa at a set temperature 
  • Place your lights on a set schedule 
  • Regulate the operation of your swimming pool pump 
  • Vacuum the bottom of your pool on a strict schedule 

No matter what type of system you choose, the devices promise to make your journey as a swimming pool and spa owner much more enjoyable. 

As we install your swimming pool automation systems, our team can hook them up to your phone or the smart hub in your home for added convenience. You can then make changes on the fly with a few taps of a button or just by uttering a word or two. We will help you learn how to input your ideal settings into each system and make changes at any time. 

Salt System Installations, Upgrades, Repairs And Maintenance

Saltwater swimming pools let you live in the lap of luxury and enjoy ocean waters without leaving the comfort of home. They take a special touch to design, install, upgrade, repair and maintain, but you can get the support you need from our team. 

As your premier certified aquatic equipment installer in Tucson, we have what it takes to get your salt system up and running. We can also come back to perform key upgrades that align the results with your vision. Our team can set up LED lights, upgrade your pump, or put in a new heater to let you enjoy your pool to the fullest. 

We’re also available when your system needs maintenance, including salt cell cleaning and pressure washing. All you need to do is work with our team to set up a maintenance schedule, and we’ll swing by regularly to keep your pool clean and sanitary. 

If anything goes wrong with your saltwater pool, just call us to come back and have a look. We will thoroughly diagnose the issue using proven practices and all the right tools. We can recommend the best repairs that will get your system working as intended once again. 

Solar Pool Heating Installation And Replacement

Want to make your swimming pool more energy-efficient and eco-friendly? Then, you may love our solar pool heating installation and replacement services. We can install a solar heating unit that gets your swimming pool up to the right temperature without any utility costs. 

The system uses heat from the sun to warm the water in your pool so that you can take a dip at your leisure. It uses a solar thermal collector to absorb energy from sunlight and then stores it in the reservoir. At that point, it can draw from the reservoir whenever it needs to heat your pool, even well after the sun goes down. 

If any of its components go on the fritz, you can trust our team to provide the solar pool heating replacement services you need. We will diagnose what went wrong and replace the faulty components with new ones if we cannot repair the problem. 

Our certified marine equipment installers can even upgrade your thermal collector or reservoir to better suit your pool size and expectations. We’re always here to discuss any upgrades you think would provide the benefits you seek and complete the install at your convenience. 

Variable Speed Pool Pump Installation

Are you looking to minimize your pool upkeep expenses? If so, then you’ll likely benefit from getting a variable speed pool pump. You want your pool water circulating through the pump and filter all the time to keep it sparkling clean, but that can cost a lot of money in the long run. 

With a variable speed unit, the pump speed slows down and picks up as needed through each season. During off-peak hours, it runs slower since there’s not as much to filter out of the water. When activity levels pick up, the pump speed does as well to always keep your water looking and feeling its best. 

If this sounds like just what you need, you can turn to our team for your variable speed pool pump installation. We will help you select the best pump for your needs and perform a professional installation. Then, we will set it up to match your preferences and ensure your water stays safe, clean, and sanitary week after week. 

If you have any problems with your variable speed pool pump, we can come back to complete the needed diagnosis and repairs. Our team will always go above and beyond in keeping your swimming pool pump working right, so it can run the water through the filter as expected. 

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