Backwash Piston and Valve Replacement

If you have a sand or DE filter, your swimming pool has a backwash piston and valve that controls water flow through the filter. When activated, the valve sends water through the filter to clear out stuck dirt and debris. The dirty water then runs through the waste line until it looks clear. This allows your trusted swimming pool repair expert at Preservation Pros to close the valve and let the water circulate effectively. 

If the valve gets stuck in the open or closed position, you will need backwash piston and valve replacement. Otherwise, we will not be able to clean out the filter medium and keep your pool clean and tidy. 

When it comes time to replace this valve, we will turn off the pump and remove the worn or damaged parts to replace them with new ones. Our team will match your new parts to the old ones to ensure your system keeps working as expected through the years. Then, we can come back and flush out the filter medium as needed to keep the water in your swimming pool as pristine as can be.

Inground Spa Repair

When your inground spa works as intended, you can go for a long, relaxing soak at your leisure without worry about the water quality or cleanliness. Unfortunately, it is common for parts to start to wear down and fail with regular use, resulting in the need for inground spa repair. 

Thankfully, our team can repair all the parts that make your spa so great, including: 

  • Jets 
  • Motors 
  • Pumps 
  • Circuit boards and more  

We’re also well-versed in finding and fixing leaks to keep the water inside the tub where it belongs. 

Our Tucson pool repair experts will always listen to your concerns and then use proven diagnostic procedures to track down the exact cause of the problem. From there, we can recommend repair services that will restore the function of your spa and keep it in excellent condition. 

With our inground spa repair services, you can protect your investment and get the most enjoyment out of your hot tub. You could even save money over time by resolving leaks and other issues before they drive up your utility bills. So, please don’t hesitate to give us a call whenever you feel like your spa could use professional repairs. 

Pool Plumbing Repairs and Updates

In some cases, your swimming pool leak may occur due to damaged plumbing pipes. If that’s the case, you can turn to our team for pool repair in Tucson, and we’ll fix it. 

Our thorough diagnostic practices allow us to pinpoint the problem with your plumbing and figure out what repairs will fix it. We may reseal the ends of the fixtures, for example, or might have to replace several pipes altogether. 

Our team can also help update your old pool plumbing to better withstand the demands of running water to and from your pool. Our team always uses quality replacement materials for your swimming pool plumbing to help you get the most value from the job. 

No matter what pool plumbing repair and update job we’re completing, you can trust that our team will always put your property back together better than we found it. We take the time to button everything up and make sure it looks its best before having you come to take a look. We will only consider it a job well done once you confirm that the results meet your expectations. 

Swimming Pool and Spa Light Repair and Replacement

When your swimming pool and spa lights operate correctly, they make your outdoor space look incredible while also increasing safety. The lights illuminate the water to let everyone know where the pool’s edge is even late at night. Beyond that, they light up the space to highlight the swimming pool shape, spa layout, and deck design. 

If any of your lights go out, you can reach out to our Tucson pool service team for swimming pool and spa light repair and replacement. We will come down to take a look at the condition of your lights and figure out why they are not working right. After the diagnostic process, we will likely suggest replacing the bulbs, redoing the wiring, repairing the fixture, or upgrading the system altogether. 

While recommending repair and replacement services, we will always keep your preferences and goals in mind to ensure you get the right level of service. You can look to us for options that will suit your budget and help elevate the beauty of your outdoor space in an instant. Give us a call today if your swimming pool and spa lights are not functioning as expected. 

Swimming Pool Automation Repair and Programming Valve Repairs

You trust your swimming pool automation systems to automatically control the lighting, temperature, and a whole lot more. So, when they don’t work as expected, we know what a letdown that can be. The water temperature may take a frigid turn, or your lights might not come on at the desired times. 

No matter what has gone awry, you can count on our Tucson pool repair team to fix it. We will take a look at your automated devices to see why they are failing to function correctly. We may need to perform minor repairs or replace the devices outright to resolve the issue. The only real way to know is by taking a close look. 

Once we figure out what repairs are needed, our team will let you know how to get your swimming pool automation back online. Then, all you have to do is authorize the repairs, and we will get right to work. This is also a great time to upgrade if you want more functionality from the system or just feel like trying something new. Just let us know, and we’ll help you get set up. 

Swimming Pool Heater Repair and Replacement

When your swimming pool heater fails, you’ll know it as soon as you touch the water. Without the heater, the water becomes icy cold to the touch, and that can be quite a shock if you were expecting the pool’s usual comforts. 

What’s harder to know right off the bat is why your swimming pool heater failed and what to do about it. Fortunately, you can bring in our swimming pool repair team to take a look and inform you about the cause of your heater failure. 

Through our diagnostic process, we may find: 

  • Heat exchanger corrosion 
  • Damage to the wiring 
  • Improperly calibrated thermostat 
  • Pressure switch failure 

Even poor flow caused by a dirty filter can cause your heater to stop working correctly. 

Once we pin down the cause of your heater failure, we will figure out the right level of repairs. We may be able to mend the wiring or might have to replace the heating unit altogether. 

Our team will also look beyond the repairs and find what led to the failure of the swimming pool heater. By identifying those factors, we can help protect your newly repaired or replaced heater for the long term. 

Swimming Pool Pump Repair and Replacement

You count on your swimming pool pump to circulate water through the filter and keep it looking and feeling as fresh as can be. If the pump slows down or fails to work properly, then your pool water will quickly grow stagnant. Dead bugs, dirt, and other debris will then cloud the water and result in tons of bacteria and algae growth. 

To stop that from happening, partner with our team at Preservation Pros for swimming pool repair. We will check on the condition of your pump while looking for pool cartridge problems and other issues, like: 

  • Defective bearings in the motor 
  • A stuck impeller 
  • Short circuits in the wiring 

Your pump might even just need to be primed to get water flowing through the system. Only by taking a closer look can we tell what’s going on and accurately make repair recommendations. 

With every pool repair service we provide, we will let you know if your pump motor or other parts are reaching the end of their lifecycle. You can then use that information to budget for upgrades or replacement parts in the future. Then, all you need to do is give our team a call to put your swimming pool pump replacement project on the schedule. 

Time Clock Repair and Replacement

When your swimming pool pump runs on a timer, you trust that it will trigger the water to circulate on a strict schedule. Unfortunately, when the time clock goes haywire, your pump will either fail to run or could keep running nonstop. With that, you could end up with murky pool water or an exceptionally high repair bill. 

Thankfully, it usually doesn’t take much to repair. The most common problems include: 

  • Timer pins out of adjustment 
  • Faulty or damaged wiring 
  • Need of a reset after power failure 
  • A bent dial hand 

If our Tucson pool service team can’t repair the time clock, we can replace it with a new one. Then, we can set your pump to run at your ideal times of the day to match your regular usage of the pool. Our efforts will help keep your pool clean and sanitary so that you can enjoy your swims at any time of the day. 

Please feel free to give us a call if you notice your swimming pool pump turning on at odd times of the day. It’s also important to call right away if your pump fails to turn on for any reason. 

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